Creation of the Universe

After going to church the day before, where she had learned about God being awesome and powerful, Annabel was in a particularly insightful mood. She had also been studying outer space and house construction with avid fascination. A dangerous combination.

This was the result of those three things churning and colliding inside her head.

"Mom," she said. This is how she always starts her philosophical questions.

I was driving, so I couldn't see her face, but I knew that tone--something big was coming. "Where do stars come from? Explosions, right?"

"God made everything," I said.

She thought about this. "Even stars?"

"Even stars," I replied. I thought we were done and I had gotten off easy.

"That's not true," she said a minute later.


"He didn't make houses. The builders did."

She had a point, but I was ready. "God made the people who made the houses," I answered. That was a good answer, right?

"That doesn't mean He made the houses, mom, and if He didn't make the houses, He didn't make everything," she said, a little condescendingly.

Who taught this child logic anyway? Oh, wait. That was me. Ugh.

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