Nurturing your imagination

Ella will be two next month, but her imagination is already twenty times her size. With just a handful of bubbles for a mane and a growly baby roar, she turns into one of the fiercest lions ever to prowl the burbs of Fort Worth.

Isn't a child's imagination something? I'm not sure when we lose that magic, that ability to find wonder in everything, but I think it's something worth fighting to hold onto.

Here are a few things we do around here to keep our imaginations in tip-top shape:

* Tea party picnics in the backyard. It's important to invite all your imaginary friends and serve only the finest tea. Don't forget to use your best manners and to talk about the weather, too.

* Animal parade. You'd be amazed at how fun pretending to be your favorite animal while stomping around the house can be. Snakes are a little bit tricky, imitate with caution.

* Inventing games. Annabel has a very elaborate game she's been working on for two years now. She has notebooks filled with character descriptions, maps, ideas and drawings. Someday, she hopes to turn it into a video game, but for now, just dreaming and planning is more than enough fun.

What kind of games and imaginings go on in your house?


Teddie Seeley said...

My 4 year old grandson Kaleb has elected himself to be my playmate. So at least once a week he calls me and says he needs to come play with me and spend the night. He takes me for rides to the moon in our rocket.
What I just love about him is that life is a musical. He is constantly singing songs that he makes up and dances to his own tunes.
I'm a lucky grandma.

Andrea said...

Children and their imaginations are so wonderful. aren't they? It sounds like Kaleb and Annabel would get along famously.