Snow, Snow and MORE Snow

Today marks the fifth day of being stuck in my house, thanks to all the snow, ice, and nasty road conditions. I've run out of blue paint and canvas, and needless to say, I'm going stir crazy and I'm starting to bounce off the walls a little. But whatever I'm going through, it's mild compared to what being cooped up is doing to my children. Boredom is setting in, and they are getting "creative".

Ella has discovered that the recycling bin is full of all kinds of fun, new toys. Sticky, somewhat smelly toys, but, hey, that makes them even better, right? Yep. She needs a bath.

Annabel has been out in the snow five hundred different times to play. That would be fine, except it's way too cold to stay out in for more than five minutes. So, she goes out, gets her clothes all wet and yucky then comes in and adds those clothes to the giant laundry heap. On the bright side, having a ton of laundry to do might keep me busy for awhile. Ick...I can't believe I just said that. I hate doing laundry.

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