Annabel's Top Thing to Be Avoided at All Costs

What's worse than eating broccoli? More dreaded than bedtime? Detested more than a trip to the dentist? If you have a kid, you probably already guessed it. Shopping at Walmart.

Annabel will do almost anything to get out of a shopping trip to the retail giant.

She's tried to convince me she's old enough to stay home by herself (she started that when she was four-years-old).

She asks if she can just wait in the car. Even if it's a hundred degrees outside, because, apparently, heat stroke is preferable to going inside.

She's tried to come up with new recipes that use only the things we already have in the house so we don't have to go buy more groceries. "We can have peanut butter and eggs! It'll taste great, mom, I promise!"

So, tonight, as I made my grocery list and Annabel tried to convince me AGAIN that we really don't need to go to the store, I was inspired to paint. The characters may be rabbits, but the dragging feet and uncooperative attitude is universal.


Cheryl Wilms said...

That's so cute....she's got a point, big stores like that are usually busy and unenjoyable at times. Peanut butter and eggs might taste good.....maybe??? LOL. Adorable. ~Cheryl from The WAHM Solution

Andrea said...

I know from experience that they DON'T taste good together, but I would never tell Annabel that :)