Annabel's Boogeyman

Annabel woke up in the middle of the night, scared and crying. She'd had a nightmare. She was so upset, I was sure only the scariest of monsters could've invoked such a dramatic reaction.

Patting her comfortingly, I asked "What was your dream about, honey?"

Through the tears, she managed to tell me. It was the recurring dream she'd been having since she was little (er...littler). In this dream she's walking through the Walmart parking lot, holding my hand, when out of nowhere a bird swoops down and Boom! steals her stuffed animal.

I know it's serious to her and pretty terrifying, but it still makes me smile. I must be doing something right if her worst fear is something so innocent. There are no monsters in her dreams, no boogeymen, no bad people. I hope it never changes.


Angela said...

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Stephanie said...

Aww, so sweet. And so innocent at this age :)

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parentwin said...

Here from UBP! This post really strikes a chord with me. I just blogged today about my girls being scared of a witch at night.

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Andrea said...

I think I'm going to have to get some monster spray for my girls, just in case. I heard it works like a charm. :)

codyalthea said...

too funny! lilly once had a dream that she was turned into ham and put on a rotisserie, haha!

Andrea said...

Lol! A ham?! That is too funny!