Good Guys and Bad Guys

Superheroes and villains are a very big topic in our house, so it's important to get all the facts straight and know all the rules.

"Ella, do you know what a bad guy is?" Annabel asked her little sister seriously.
"Um...Ice cream!" Ella answered with enthusiasm.
"No, Ella.  A bad guy is someone who commits a crime, like stealing. They usually wear masks." Annabel corrected.
"Oh." Ella said with understanding.
"Are you a bad guy or a good guy?" Annabel continued quizzing.
"A bad guy!" Ella answered, again with a lot of enthusiasm.
"No, Ella, you're a good guy. I'm a good guy, Mama is a good guy, Papa is a good guy, and you're a good guy, too." Annabel explained patiently. There was a long pause while she pondered what she had just said.
"At least I think you're a good guy. You don't have any evil plans, do you?"
"Yes!" Ella exclaimed.
"Then I guess you're a bad guy after all," Annabel concluded.

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Splendid Events said...

It's no fun being a good guy, if there aren't any bad guys!