Common Sense

As a mother, I quickly realized that common sense is not really all that common. It is something that is taught (painfully at times), and things that may seem obvious to a grown up can be a true realization for a kid. 
I have compiled a short list of "Things that I have said that I never thought I would have to say." Please feel free to add your own to the comments (I'd like to feel like I'm not alone and completely crazy!).

*Don't put the cat in your mouth.

*Don't put lettuce on your head.

*Don't put toys in your nose.

*Yes, you have to wear clothes to the store.

*Ketchup and ice cream don't taste good together. 

*Don't put trash in the garbage disposal! Yes, I know it's called a "garbage disposal" but you can't put trash in it! Don't argue! 


Tomo said...

HAHAHA I laughed out loud as reading the list, Andrea your little girls are so funny!

Shop to be Green said...

LOL! That's awesome! Children keep life fresh and interesting that's for sure.