Red Light, Green Light

The other day, we were driving around town, trying to get some errands done and I was trying desperately not to go crazy. Traffic was horrible (as usual) and as I slowed the car to stop at ANOTHER traffic light, Ella, being a very curious three-year-old, asked why we were stopping.
"We're supposed to stop at red lights," I said.
After an eternity, the light changed to green.
"We go at green lights," I added as I moved the car forward. Apparently, this was the world's fastest traffic light, and it was already turning to yellow by the time I got up to the intersection. I stepped on the gas.
"And we go really fast at yellow lights!" I concluded, jokingly.
"Yeah, if you're a maniac," Annabel muttered. Only nine-years-old and already a backseat driver.  

"Race Car Dog"
Whimsical Children's Painting

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