Different perspectives

Ella was wearing the most fabulous blue dress the other day. It was very full and very girly, with a wide tie around the waist that wrapped up into a lovely bow. She looked absolutely beautiful.

She had an entirely different perspective on her wardrobe, however, as I found out when we were leaving the bedroom after getting our shoes on.

She likes to close every door behind her (she is so proud of her ability to reach the door handle), and as she pulled the bedroom door shut, she trapped the hem of her dress. She tried to keep walking, but her stubborn dress wasn't going anywhere.

Pulling and tugging at it in a desperate attempt to set it free she cried "Oh, no! My tail! My tail is stuck!"

Now it all made sense. When she had been twirling earlier, I thought she was just spinning her dress to make it flutter around. Silly me. She was chasing her tail.

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