Fast Thinking

Last night, my husband went in to check on the girls before we went to bed (as usual).

He stopped by Annabel's room and found her sound asleep, sprawled across her bed, upside down with a book in her hand (as usual).

When he opened the door to peek at Ella, though, she stirred and started crying. Trying to keep her from waking up, he started patting her, saying "Shhhh...Shhhh..." Instead of soothing her, Ella started crying out in a sleepy voice "Oh, no! It's a snake!" Thinking quickly, he started hooting like an owl instead.

She went right back to sleep.

Guitar Owl


FunkyFeisty said...

OK... You need to write out that story to be read to kids and include it with the owl print.

Andrea said...

:) That would be funny, wouldn't it?