Tea Party with a Twist

Ella was having a tea party with her toy dishes, spoons and a little toy salt shaker. She was playing nicely with Annabel, when suddenly I heard, "Ella, don't cook me!" Apparently, Ella was salting Annabel and getting her ready to put in the oven.

Maybe we shouldn't be reading Hansel and Gretel just yet.


Jaclyn T said...

This story is killing me!

--Jaclyn T
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Jaclyn T said...

FYI: I "tagged"/awarded you! If you want to find out why, come visit my blog post. Don't feel as though you must partake in the taggin' circle, I just wanted to share the love. Here's the post:

--Jaclyn T
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Andrea said...

Cool! Thanks!

Shannon said...

I don't which I love more, the story or the painting. Too cute!