It's hard being little

Being little can be so hard sometimes. You can't open the refrigerator to get your own snack, you can't reach the sink to wash your own hands, and you can't go outside all by yourself. But most of all, it's hard to be little when you realize that your sister can do something you can't. Like whistle.

Poor little Ella was trying so hard to whistle like a bird, pursing her lips and blowing with all her might. No matter how hard she tried, all that came out was a slobbery wet sound. She was very frustrated.

Naturally, being a big sister, Annabel started whistling to show Ella how.

Ella stood there for a minute, watching and listening. Suddenly she scrunched up her little face and started crying "Mama! Mama! Annabel stole my whistle! She has my whistle, right in her mouth!"

She didn't understand why I didn't make Annabel give it back.

Turtle Painting


Jaclyn T said...

What a cute story--I have several (adult) friends who can't whistle either, so little Ella shouldn't feel too bad.

–Jaclyn T

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jasperandblue said...

I love your sad little turtle....
and as for poor Ella, little brothers and sisters have it tough. I hope you managed not to laugh and add insult to injury....
I think that may be the hardest part about parenting... Apparently I'm a terrible mother and laugh all the time... they're just so darn cute.