Lesson Learned

I learned a hard lesson today. When painting (especially if you happen to be a messy painter, like me) DO NOT I repeat DO NOT put your M&Ms on the table next to your canvas. While you're not paying attention, they will inevitably get covered with green paint and will become mostly inedible (unless you peel the candy coating from them, but then they're not truly M&Ms anymore...boo).

The offending painting pictured below (Annabel says it was worth it...I'm undecided).


Ana said...

that can be dangerous, some years ago a friend almost drank the thinner while painting because she was so focused in her work she confused the bottles.
Cute painting, I love the little rabbit :)

Andrea said...

Sadly, I've almost done the same thing with my paint water (not as bad as thinner at least!). I guess I really should just separate painting time and snack time! Lol.