Log Cabins

Today we went to a quaint little place called "The Log Cabin Village" where they have (surprise!) log cabins and rustic pioneer type activities. On our way there, Annabel was explaining things to Ella so she'd know what to expect.

"Ella, do you know what a log cabin is?" Annabel asked.

"No," Ella replied.

Using her I'm a Big Sister and I Know Everything voice Annabel continued "A log cabin is sort of like a house, except it's made of sticks and mud."

Ella's eyes got huge. "Sticks and mud?" she gasped, "That's disgusting!"

I don't think she would have made it as a pioneer.


JovialJones said...

I work with young children and the things they come up with always have me laughing. They're so imaginative and they view the world differently than we do.

Georgia said...

Ha!! Too funny! I just found your blog thanks to the Etsy Ugly Cute team, and I already enjoy it. :)

Andrea said...

JovialJones -- They really do have a refreshing take on the world, don't they? :)

Thanks for stopping by, Georgia!